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Spring Home Maintenance

Man Cleaning Gutters on Ladder

It’s Time to Check Your Gutter System

When temperatures begin to warm, and snow melts away, it’s time to start thinking about inspecting your home for roof and gutter damage that may have occurred during the winter. Your gutter system can take a beating in harsh weather conditions, and minor repairs can prevent more extensive moisture damage later.

Home Exterior at nightSpring Gutter Inspection

You can ensure that your gutter system lasts for years by inspecting it for several problems caused by winter wear:

  • Leaves, twigs, and debris that clogs the gutter system and can lead to moisture damage in the fascia, decking, rafters and can even spread to the foundation itself.
  • Corrosion of gutters and fasteners can occur over the winter that should be repaired immediately to allow the system to function properly.
  • Sagging of gutters can be caused by damage to fascia board or connectors.
  • Small holes in gutters should be caulked and loose fasteners replaced immediately.
  • Flush debris from gutters with a garden hose or use one of the new gutter cleaning tools that are now available.

Replacing Gutter Systems

If ice and snow have caused significant damage to your gutter, contact a reputable gutter company to discuss replacement of the system.

New gutters can help to preserve your investment in your home and will last for years.

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