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Multichannel Marketing for Green Living Supply

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Green Living Supply video

Green Living Supply | Green For Living . . . Green For Life

We are sellers of sustainable goods for the home, garden, and outdoor living, that promote sustainability at a fair price. We believe it’s part of the human condition to want clean air, clean water, and safe nutritious food to eat. To accomplish these goals, people need reliable and attainable products and solutions. Our goal is to offer quality products that work for you and your family.

This client was looking for a vehicle to use across multiple platforms in order to reach a broader market.  We developed this video (and other videos) coupled with digital advertising, and social media articles designed to generate more leads and increase online purchases.

About Steel Blue Media: We are a Creative Agency specializing in web design, social media marketing, branding, SEO, Graphic design, and advertising. We’ve been working with clients throughout North America since 2006.

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Green Living Supply created by Steel Blue Media

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