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Insiders Secrets to Luxury Branding and Marketing

Luxury by the pool, beautiful woman sunbathing

By Diane Nelson

Luxury marketing and branding approach the consumer in a creative and strategic manner. Through print advertising, luxury brand advertisers reach consumers with a medium they can hold, touch, and remember. Publications which contain beautiful photos cause emotions or feelings in consumers to buy products and services.

The simple goal of the luxury advertiser is to trigger an emotional impulse in the consumer which drives them to a particular product or service. The key to producing an emotion-driven impulse in consumers is dependent on the advertiser’s ability to create an ad which stands-out physically and has a rich, glossy, upscale look and feel.

Today, print remains a relevant tool for advertisers because the visual experience is a large and important part of their marketing. It remains an effective medium because it allows consumers to hold, touch, refer to and remember. Some advertisers are putting more weight on targeting affluent consumers in a more cost-efficient manner; they have not abandoned print because the look and feel of a rich, glossy magazine are hard to beat.


  1. Stay open to tapping into new consumer segments; the new generation of young, affluent consumers and established wealthy consumers. They are the core luxury buyer, and they value lasting quality over all else.
  2. Create print advertising which features rich, stunning imagery to drive consumers to buy.
  3. Advertisers should position their luxury goods and services as a “value proposition” to consumers.
  4. Incorporate print media and social media strategies to broaden consumer reach. Luxury advertisers haven’t replaced print advertising for more cost-effective strategies. They found that no other medium matches the print experience. High-quality print publications featuring bold, elegant photos create emotion and want, driving consumers to buy.

Remember the affluent consumer’s value quality and the personal attention that goes hand-in-hand with luxury marketing. They are willing to pay more for a high-quality experience, service or product.

Diane Nelson is a professional writer and former Editor-in-Chief for Metro Women Quarterly magazine.

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