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You might be wondering what a privacy policy page on your website has to do with Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? The privacy policy is a website page that includes information about website policies, how the website collects information, and how it deals with collected personal data, such as names and e-mails.

Adding a privacy policy is an indicator that the website is professional and respects visitors’ information. It plays another important role in SEO and Google indexing. If you don’t have a privacy policy page on your website, think about adding one. This is an indicator that your website is reliable.

What Should my Privacy Policy Page Include?

It should include information about your website, why it needs to collect information from the users, the type of information being collected (for example: email URL’s), and the purpose. The privacy page should also include information about the security of the collected data and information sharing with third-party sites and site members.

Are There Free Privacy Policy Generators?

Yes, there are many free generators that you can use to create your website privacy policy.  One great example is This allows you to create the privacy policy code and then copy and add it to your website HTML code. However, this service only allows you to generate one free privacy policy.

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